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Rechargeable Battery Maintenance
Dec 13, 2017

Charging the battery charging problem has always been the focus of attention, the right charge method to ensure good battery life. Rechargeable batteries Recommended charging methods are varied, different charging methods have different requirements on the charger circuit, naturally affecting the cost.

Memory effect is a major natural enemy of rechargeable batteries, is generally believed to be caused by long-term incorrect charging, it can make the battery premature. Memory effect can make the battery can not be effectively charged, there is a charge is full, one with the end of the phenomenon. To prevent the battery from memory effect is to ensure that the battery "sufficient light" principle, that is best before charging the battery residual power beam, charging once sufficient. Usually nickel-cadmium batteries are prone to memory effect, so pay special attention to the nickel-metal hydride batteries in theory there is no memory effect, but it is best to follow the principle of "sufficient light", which is why many chargers provide discharge additional features . For batteries that suffer from reduced capacity due to memory effects, we can go through a number of repeated, one-shot, one-shot, repeated shots and most of the battery can be repaired. For some put aside for a long time, loss of activity of the battery can try to hit with a large current impact method.