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Lithium Battery Market
Dec 13, 2017

Lithium battery is mainly composed of 4 parts, namely, the electrode, electrolyte, membrane and packaging materials. At present, domestic packaging materials and graphite anode technology is relatively mature, the proportion of cost is not high. Lithium-ion battery is the core material of the cathode material, electrolyte and separator. Cathode materials account for 40% of the cost of lithium batteries, electrolyte and diaphragm costs accounted for 10% and 20% respectively. At present, there are more listed companies in the lithium battery industry in China, and Shanshangufen, China Baoan, CITIC Guoan, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, and Fluoride, etc., with more advanced technology.

Tesla first-quarter profit for the first time fully reflects the lithium battery electric vehicles in addition to excluding government subsidies already have commercial viability, means that the commercialization of lithium battery electric vehicle on the road. Tesla's current product positioning in the high-end user base, and domestic new energy car leader BYD's positioning is significantly different, Tesla's success will help promote BYD's valuation to further enhance. In addition, Panasonic is a battery supplier to Tesla, which provides Panasonic with electrolytes, neo-states or direct beneficiaries of the development of new energy vehicles worldwide.

August 6, Ministry of Industry disclosed that in the first half of China's lithium battery manufacturing enterprises, total completed main revenue grew 17.4%, total profit up 72.8%, total tax revenue increased 43.1%. Lithium battery industry, the rapid rise in profits, and the sales of new energy vehicles is closely related to the heavy volume.

Data show that China's new energy vehicles in July 20,400, an increase of 2.5 times, 2015 is expected to complete the sales target of 200,000. With the subsidy rules around the ground one after another, the introduction of charging facilities to promote policies and other factors to promote the sales of electric vehicles will continue the high growth trend, and to the upstream lithium battery business to bring substantive order support.