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Lithium Battery Development
Dec 13, 2017

Since Apple released its smartphones in 2007 and then tablet PCs, the world has entered an era of intelligence. The strong demand for smartphones and tablets has rapidly led to sales of digital lithium batteries, with the largest sales of lithium-ion cell phones.

According to the "Prospect of Production and Marketing Demand and Investment Prediction and Analysis Report of China's Lithium Battery Industry", the market size of finished lithium battery packs in China's new energy vehicles, grid energy storage, special vehicles and communications base stations was 3.5 billion yuan in 2012, up from 2011 The 2.6 billion yuan in the year increased by 34.6%. Among them, the application of new energy vehicles accounted for 57%.

In 2012, the rapid adjustment of product structure in the digital lithium battery industry made the sales volume of flexible lithium batteries and cylindrical lithium batteries rapidly increase and maintained a growth rate of over 30% on the one hand. On the other hand, the market size of square lithium batteries Rapidly shrinking. The entire digital lithium battery industry is undergoing profound changes for investors, the ability to grasp changes in market trends in the change determines the company's future destiny.