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Common Battery
Dec 13, 2017

Dry battery

Battery is also called manganese zinc battery, the so-called dry battery is relative to volt batteries, the so-called manganese zinc is its raw materials. For other materials such as silver oxide batteries, nickel cadmium batteries. Manganese-zinc battery voltage is 15V. Dry cells consume chemical raw materials to generate electrical energy. Its voltage is not high, can produce continuous current can not exceed 1 amp.

Lead batteries

Battery is one of the most widely used batteries. With a glass tank or plastic tank, filled with sulfuric acid, and then insert two lead plates, one connected with the positive charger, a negative connected with the charger, after ten hours of charging to form a battery. Its positive and negative voltage between 2 volts. The benefits of the battery can be used repeatedly. In addition, because of its very small internal resistance, it can provide a large current. Use it to power the car's engine with up to 20 amps of instantaneous current. When the battery is charged, the electrical energy is stored, and when discharged, the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

lithium battery

Lithium as a negative battery. It is a new type of high-energy battery developed after the 1960s. According to the different electrolytes used are divided into: ① high temperature molten salt lithium batteries; ② organic electrolyte lithium batteries; ③ inorganic non-aqueous electrolyte lithium batteries; ④ solid electrolyte lithium batteries; ⑤ lithium batteries. Lithium battery has the advantages of high single cell voltage, energy than the long storage life (up to 10 years), high temperature performance, can be -40 ~ 150 ℃ use. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive and the safety is not high. In addition the voltage hysteresis and safety issues still need to be improved. Vigorously develop the power battery and the emergence of new cathode materials, especially lithium iron phosphate material development, the development of lithium is very helpful.