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Battery Industry Prospects
Dec 13, 2017

China's battery exports have increased substantially, but at the same time, the EU's green barriers, the cancellation of China's battery export tax rebate system, rising raw materials and the monopoly of high-end markets by foreign enterprises have restricted the development of China's battery industry. China has become the largest battery producer and largest consumer of batteries in the world. However, the products are not updated in time, the production is automated and the degree of mechanization is not high. In order to adapt to the trend of the world's battery industry, China must devote itself to the development of solar cells and fuel cells New battery research and development, to develop high-tech battery products.

The battery industry is one of China's key industries and has good prospects for development. The battery of the 21st century has the characteristics of high capacity, high power, long life, no pollution, safety, reliability and lightness. It is a hi-tech, high output, high profit, high foreign exchange earning product. With the advent of the information age, the information industry is flourishing. After entering the "3C" era of electronics, information and communications, the development of electronic products toward the trend of "short, small, light and thin" is indispensable as an electronic product The importance of the battery is also getting more and more noticeable.

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