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Rechargeable battery precautions
Dec 13, 2017

1. Carefully read the battery manual, use the recommended battery, according to operating procedures;

2. Check the electrical contacts and the battery is clean, if necessary, wipe clean with a damp cloth, dry according to the correct polarity into the direction;

3. When there is no adult guardianship, do not allow children to replace the battery, small batteries such as AAA should be placed where children can not get;

4. Do not mix new and old batteries or different types of batteries, especially dry batteries and rechargeable batteries can not be mixed;

5. Do not try to use heating, charging or other methods to make a battery regeneration, so as to avoid danger;

6. Do not short the rechargeable battery, otherwise it will damage the battery, and will heat the battery to burn.

7. Do not heat the battery or throw the battery in water or in a fire, putting the battery in water can disable the battery, placing the battery in a fire can rupture the battery or occur

Intense chemical reactions burst wounding, or produce some harmful gases and fumes.

8. Do not disassemble the battery, or attempt to penetrate the battery with sharp sharps, as the electrolyte inside the battery may damage the skin and clothing.

9. Use electrical appliances should be disconnected from the power switch, so as to avoid fire and other fire;

10. The battery should be removed from the long-term non-use of electrical appliances, the battery vent and save. And take out the charge and discharge once every 3 months or so;

11. Battery should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight;

12. Nickel charger and lithium charger can not be mixed;

13. Can not use the battery welding, welding high temperature will damage the internal structure of the battery, the battery may not be used, or even dangerous;

14. Can not reverse charge, reverse charge equivalent to over-discharge, over-discharge will cause adverse reactions within the battery and lead to serious battery damage, resulting in large

The amount of gas, it is likely to make the rechargeable battery chemical leaks.

15. Do not put the rechargeable battery in the rain. Rain can be conductive, the battery under the rain, it is likely to occur short circuit, so that the battery discharge instantaneous large current

And hot, can damage the battery or dangerous.

16. The battery can not be stored in high temperature or high humidity environment, the battery itself will increase the reaction, it is not able to provide sufficient capacity for electrical appliances. In addition,

Under high temperature and humidity, the aging rate of the battery will also be greatly accelerated, will also erode electronic components (except for high temperature batteries).

17. Do not plug the battery positive and negative, otherwise it will lead to battery bulging or rupture;

18. When the battery is stored, it is best not to mix with metal objects, the insulating film wrapped in the outside do not tear it away.