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Rechargeable battery abnormalities
Dec 13, 2017

1. Smoke from the charger: Pull out the charger quickly and remove the battery. Charger smoke is generally due to mains voltage is too high and burn the transformer caused;

2. The battery is hot (the package will crack when severely cracked): Remove the battery quickly and cover it with a hard case for 1 hour to prevent possible danger. Batteries are generally hot due to short circuit or battery internal abnormalities caused by the charger circuit should be checked at this time is normal, and detect battery voltage anomalies (rechargeable battery charging is the normal phenomenon of fever);

3. Battery Leakage: Remove the battery quickly and cover it with a hard case for about 1 hour to prevent possible danger and then wipe the charger clean;

4. Rechargeable batteries in the event of a leak can no longer be used;

5. Unable to charge: Check the charger and battery. At this point the product should be sent to the vendor service department for processing, and should not disassemble the charger and battery.