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National standard
Dec 13, 2017

The IEC standard, the International Electrical Commission, is a worldwide standardization organization composed of national electrotechnical committees. Its purpose is to promote the standardization of the world's electric and electronic fields. Among them, the standard for nickel-cadmium batteries is IEC285, the standard for NiMH batteries is IEC61436, the IEC standard for lithium-ion batteries, and the general battery industry is based on SANYO or Panasonic standards.

Battery Standard IEC standard nickel-cadmium batteries for the IEC602851999 standard; nickel-metal hydride batteries for the IEC614361998.1; standard for lithium batteries IEC619602000.11.

Common national standards for batteries are nickel-cadmium batteries standard GB / T11013_1996GB / T18289_2000; nickel-metal hydride batteries for the standard GB / T15100_1994GB / T18288_2000; lithium batteries for the standard GB / T10077_1998YD / T998_1999, GB / T18287_2000.

In addition the battery standard commonly used in Japan's industry standard JIS C standard on the battery and SANYOPANASONIC companies on the battery business standards.