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Lithium battery General knowledge
Jun 27, 2018

What is the performance of Lithium ion battery?

  • High energy density;

  • High operation voltage;

  • No memory accumulation;

  • Long cycle life;

  • No pollution;

  • Light weight;

  • Very low self-discharge rate.

What is the performance of Polymer Lithium ion battery?

  • No liquid electrolyte, so never leak;

  • Can be made into various shape;

  • Can be made into thin battery, such as 3.6V, 400mAh, the thickness can decrease to 0.5mm;

  • High voltage in an battery: several battery with liquid electrolyte can be connected in series to get a high voltage only; the Li-polymer battery can get high voltage in an cell through multiplayer combination;

  • Same volume Li-polymer batteries` capacity is two times of Li-ion battery.

What is the performance of Lithium MnO2 and Li-SOCL2 battery?

  • High energy density;

  • Long shelf life;

  • Wide operating temperature;

  • Good sealing feature;

  • Steady discharge voltage

Why do batteries packs with zero voltage or low voltage?

  • One of the cells voltages is 0V;

  • Plugs are short or open circuit, or ill touched;

  • Lead wires are broken from the soldering or weakly soldered;

  • Wrong battery connection or the connection tabs are miss or weak weld or broken off.

Why Li-ion battery pack has 0 voltage?

For safety consideration, our li-ion battery pack has PCB protection which will protect the battery packs from over charging and discharge. When the li-ion battery is over charging or discharged, the PCB will cut off automatically. Then you may find the battery pack is 0 voltage. This doesn't mean the battery pack is dead. You can just use our charger to charge it, everything will back to normal. Please make sure to use batteryspace's recommended chargers. We are not responsible for other brand chargers. However, this is not applied to battery which hadn't been charged for more than two months. You should charge battery every 2 months to keep it fresh if you don't use it.