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Buy common sense
Dec 13, 2017

Lithium batteries are divided into lithium-ion battery and lithium polymer battery. Lithium-ion battery electrolyte is flowing, therefore, than lithium polymer battery is more unstable, hit the external force beat, or use substandard charger, may cause the battery to explode. Many mobile phones, laptops and other portable electronic products, the batteries used are lithium batteries. In other words, many people have a "bomb" around them. For your own safety, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

First, there is no clear indication of capacity. Batteries that have no clearly labeled capacity (such as 1000 mAh or 1000 mAh hours) are likely to use inferior batteries or recycle batteries. Many low-cost batteries that are flooded on the market are those that are made using recycled batteries. The price is low, but their service life is short, their quality is unstable, and their use may be damaged.

Second, there is no guarantee of standby time. Standby time that the battery into the phone after the next charge of continuous use of time. The batteries sold in the general market can not guarantee the standby time to the customers. This is because the battery quality is unstable. Many low-cost batteries have short standby time due to poor battery quality.

Third, whether to install security circuit board. Unprotected circuit board, the lithium battery deformation, leakage, explosion danger. Under the vicious price competition, various families seek lower-priced protection circuit boards or simply omit this device, making the market full of explosive lithium batteries. Consumers can not tell from the appearance of the protection circuit board, so the best choice for reputable businesses to buy.